group flow

Co-Creating a Culture of Dialouge

Holding space for transformation

Group Flow offers tools, practices, and models for facilitating dialogue and harvesting collective wisdom in self-organizing systems, using the frameworks of The Art of Participatory Leadership and Theory U.

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Dialogue Coaching

We train individuals and teams as participatory leaders and transformation agents. Dialouge is a skill.

Learning Journys

We co-create and facilitate immersive learning experiences that support the next steps. Unleash your potentioal. 

Process Architecture

We provide tools for mapping, modeling and planing that focus on relationships and identites and yield effective results.

Community Building

We work with organizations and communities to weave a web of meaning and enable culture transormation.


What kind of leadership is needed right now?

Which question will spark a meaningful conversation?

What can inspire us when dealing with complex changes?

How can we navigate In times of Uncertainty?

Who needs to join the conversation right now?

How can hold space for inquiry and innovation?

How can we nurture a sense of community?

What is the question that we don't dare to ask?

What is the new story that can be told?