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Hi, my name is Ram, and I officiate wedding ceremonies. For a decade I have been accompanying couples in the construction of their wedding ceremony, and I get to stand under the Hupa for a few minutes of an open heart, sparkling eyes, laughter, tears, and connection.

The Hupa is the culmination of a co-creative process that happens in two meetings. In the process, you will get all the tools to design your ceremony and express in it the style, character, and things that are important to you. I accompany, advise, and above all feel your "vibe", so each ceremony has a slightly different color and other nuances.

All the Ceremonies I officiate are egalitarian and correspond with Israel's tradition and the Hebrew culture. In my opinion, it is beautiful to choose a ceremony that looks and sounds like our grandparents' ceremonies, while we pour into it our world views and values.

And besides, it's really, really fun.

So how do you see your Hupa ceremony? Let's talk about it.

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Emily and Ilya, 6.7.19

Thank you! You'll forever be a big part of our magical day and we're glad it was you. You are a warm, gentle, mind human and it was great to have you. Take a moment to remember the love you helped amplify on our wedding day

Yarden and Maxi, 6.10.16

Our ceremony was moving and powerful, and the whole experience was just perfect! Ram was an amazing conductor, and helped us build the best ceremony for the both of us

Hadas and Hans, 26.9.16

Pictures and feelings of the wedding still come up strongly and I want to thank you again for your guidance, for your support and for your loving way to lead together with Sanand our wedding ceremony. It was deeply touching for me what a space of love you created and holded not just for us, but for the whole people. Eyes were shining, hearts were singing, souls were dancing. Toda raba Ram

Bar and Tim, 24.6.22

Ram helped us to create a truly unique ceremony, full with love and definitely full with tears! He was always open for our ideas, supporting and enriching our way with his own professional experience. Spontaneous, funny and easy-going, Ram brought our ceremony to life and we'll never forget this beautiful fairytale!